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Roaming the Shore Path

I love to do things in my hometown that make me feel like I’m someplace else. Fooling your mind into thinking it’s on vacation, can just be a good rejuvenation for the mind, body and soul. Recently, I took one of these days to revitalize myself and literally “walk off” my everyday stresses. To me, the Lake Geneva lake path is one of these places that makes feel like I’m a million miles away. It’s nothing short of stunning. The views are incredible, the homes are perfection, and the walk itself is a fantastic workout. In all my years visiting Lake Geneva and now living here, I’ve never done the lake path walk that starts in Williams Bay and goes east towards downtown Lake Geneva. Countless times I’ve walked from Williams Bay into Fontana (which can be treacherous) but I’ve never gone the other way. Knowing I wanted to do this, I called my friend Heather to come and do the walk with me. I knew this would be ideal since Heather and I needed some time catching up before the madness of her much anticipated wedding hits.

We started at my home in the Bay and off we went! It’s important to note that the lake path walk can be serious business depending on how far you go. This is not something you want to do in uncomfortable clothing or wearing sandals. This is a WORKOUT. Heather and I were prepared with our sneakers and backpacks. To do this walk you will want to be fully equipped with water and maybe even a snack. In my bag I carried, two water bottles (what can I say, it’s the mom in me to be prepared), a Nutri-Grain Bar, an extra pair of socks (because you never know), sunscreen, and a baseball cap. Heather had a similar stash in her backpack.

I didn’t know what to expect on this walk, because like I said, it was my first time making this particular trek. I was prepared for some rocky terrain but to my surprise, didn’t need to be. Unlike the walk to Fontana, this part of the lake path is VERY well maintained. At some points, the path is even paved! This makes it a more enjoyable walk for all the people that love to tour the lake by foot. Heather and I walked, talked, took water breaks, and walked some more. It took us a couple hours, but a couple of hours well spent.

What I love about walking the shore path, is that you can see so many things that you can’t see from the water. All the gorgeous details of the estates and the jaw-dropping landscaping some of these homes have, totally make this walk worthwhile. There were numerous times we would stop just to take in the sights; the view of the water, a beautiful boat, a fun pier or beach, and of course the gardens! Between the flowers and the well-manicured lawns, it's such a sight to see. Some of these estates will truly take your breath away.

Ahhhh!! How amazing would it be to have this in your front lawn?!

Another fun fact about the lake path is that you’re literally walking on history. So many of the homes/estates serve as a landmark for decades of past historical events, that makes the walk even more interesting. The homes are more than just a structure, they also have a story to tell. This would be a great resource to highlight different sites and homes on the walk: https://atthelakemagazine.com/product/geneva-lake-shore-path-guide/.

I have always loved the color of this house

This is it! My favorite home on the water :)

If you've never done the shore path walk it is something to put on your bucket list. I know plenty of locals and visitors alike who have never ventured around different parts of the lake path, and you should! You can really see and take in so much more via walking rather than by boat. I now have a new goal of doing the whole lake path one day! I know it’s quite a feat, but I think these legs are up for the challenge! 😊



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