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My LG Favorites!

As a local Lake Geneva resident, I get asked a lot of questions like, “where would you go for...” and “what do you do when...”. It’s basically playing the game of what do you like and what do you not like. I also think it's funny when people say things like, "wow, so you live in Lake Geneva full time... where do you grocery shop or buy clothes at?" As if we lived on some far away island here! I get asked so frequently, that I thought I would put this post together sharing some of my favorite spots! Now keep in mind, this is all strictly opinion based. As someone who lives here year-round, I do have my own opinions on what’s good, where to go, and things to do or see. Don’t we all?! So, for all the people that live around here and for all the people that come up for the summer or on weekends, this one is for you 😊

Favorite Restaurants: Café Calamari https://www.cafecalamari.com/, Sopra https://soprabistro.com/, Oakfire https://www.oakfirelakegeneva.com/ and Crafted Americana https://www.craftedamericana.com/ are all on the top of my list! I don’t think you’ll have a bad meal at any of these places, they are all so tasty!

*I keep hearing SO many good things about Jonathon’s on Brick Street https://jonathansonbrickstreet.com/, however I haven’t been yet. Stay tuned for that breakdown!

Cafe Calamari has the BEST martinis!

Favorite Pizza: Next Door Pub http://www.nextdoorpub.com/ is our go-to spot for pizza takeout, but for deep dish we always go Harpoon Willies! http://harpoonwillies.com/

Favorite Stop for a Burger: Definitely a Chuck’s burger https://chuckslakeshoreinn.com/. I mean, what else do you order at Chuck’s?!

Favorite Place for Breakfast: We love to go to Hazel’s in Hebron http://www.hazelsdiner.com/. Here’s the deal, it’s a little bit of a drive, but their cinnamon rolls are 100% worth every mile 😊

Hair Salon: I’m very funny about my hair, and I’ve been to a few places around here as well as the Milwaukee area. I have quite a few friends that go to Clear Water Salon https://www.clearwaterssalonspa.com/, I also know people that like The Grand Geneva Salon https://www.grandgeneva.com/well-spa and my friend Emily has a salon in her home, and she does a very nice job as well www.luxelg.com

Nail Salon: I always go to Cute Nails in Lake Geneva http://cutenailslakegeneva.com/. It’s extremely reasonable and they always do a thorough job.

Favorite Eyebrow Wax: I finally found the BEST eyebrow girl! Her name is Celeste and she works at Clear Water in Williams Bay.

Favorite Grocery Store: Sentry is the best in the area hands down http://www.danielsfoods.com/! However, if I’m in the suburbs of Milwaukee, I sometimes like to peek into Sendiks Food Market https://www.sendiks.com/ or Whole Foods.

Coffee Shop: This is hard to choose, because we have so many little coffee spots around the lake, but I would say The Coffee Mill in Fontana https://www.facebook.com/Coffeemillfontana/ is my favorite! I also think Boxed and Burlap has good coffee and love the ambiance there https://www.boxedandburlap.com/.

Favorite Boutique: I like Bloomingbryds for clothing and fashion https://www.facebook.com/Bloomingbyrds/ and I really dig the shop Marigold for little knick knacks and gifts https://marigold-gift-shop.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral.

Dry Cleaner I Use: Michael Todd’s in Delevan (they are awesome at removing stains!)

Favorite Ice Cream Shop: I love Dip in the Bay the best https://dipinthebay.com/. They have the chocolate peanut butter ice cream I love AND it’s down the street from my house 😊

Best Massage: The best massage I’ve had is at Clear Water in Williams Bay. I’ve gone a few different times and I’m never disappointed. I also hear that Grand Geneva does a good massage and they have a nice spa.

Favorite Patio to 'Cocktail' At: Hands down Pier 290 https://www.pier290.com/! In my opinion, they have the best outdoor setup on the whole lake.

Hotels I Recommend: I always used to suggest The Abbey Resort to people, but I’ve heard a lot of negative feedback lately about the hotel and its restaurants. I myself have stayed there numerous times, and I don’t think it’s anything to write home about. Now, I always tell people to stay at The Ridge Hotel https://www.ridgelakegeneva.com/. I think that The Ridge is a hotel that would flourish anywhere you would put it. It’s appealing from the moment you walk in AND it’s always so clean (which I look for in a Hotel)! What I also like about The Ridge, is that they plan so many events throughout the year (check out their calendar here: https://www.ridgelakegeneva.com/events/).

The Ridge Hotel

Real Estate Agent I would Use: Donna Brongiel, who works for Keefe Real Estate www.lakegenevalifestyle.com. She knows her stuff!

Favorite Lake Geneva Activity: There’s a few things I love to do in the Lake Geneva area, so it’s hard to narrow it down to just one. It also depends on the time of year... but here are a few things I like to do in the area:

· Go see a concert at the Belfry Music Theatre https://www.belfrymusictheatre.com/

· Make a candle at the Candle Mercantile https://thecandlemercantile.com/

· Watch a magic show at the Tristan Crist Magic Theatre https://www.lakegenevamagic.com/

· Apple Picking at the Elegant Farmer https://www.elegantfarmer.com/

· Walk the Shore Path https://www.candidlymegblog.com/post/roaming-the-shore-path

· Make a sign at Board and Brush https://boardandbrush.com/lakegeneva/

· Go watch a musical at the Fireside Theatre https://www.firesidetheatre.com/

· Skiing at Alpine Valley http://www.alpinevalleyresort.com

· Bowling at 10 Pin Pub https://10pinpub.com/, where they also have good pizza!


This is just a brief list of a few of my personal “faves” in the area. If you ever have any questions for me, or would like a recommendation for something in the area, just ask!



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