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Livin' That Quarantine Life

It has been a minute since I last posted anything. So, I’ll start by saying “Hey all you cool cats and kittens!”. I couldn’t help myself 😊

I’m sorry if I abandoned ship for a while there. I put my blog on pause as I was finishing up another writing assignment I had procrastinated on for far too long. While I wish I could do two things at once, sadly, there is only so much free time in one day with a two-year old around. Speaking of doing things during the day, is anyone else going as crazy as I am during #quarantinelife?!? This is B R U T A L. And for so many reasons; the obvious being the virus itself, the second being our economy, and the third being stuck inside with nowhere to go all day every day. Please tell me I am not alone when I admit that I don’t even know what day it is anymore?! All the days are blending together, and while these days can be quite long, I also want to admit that living a slower life has its advantages. We’re never in a rush to go anywhere or do anything, which has resulted in slow, calm mornings, plenty of free time, and hours to catch up on Netflix .

On the other side of the coin, being at home with Wynter all day by myself has totally had its challenges. We are still trying to potty train. That’s right, as if quarantine wasn’t challenging enough, I have put the extra pressure/ stress on myself to get this kid on the potty by the end of the month. If you have any tips, please send them my way (or just send wine). Wynter has absolutely zero interest in using the potty (her little potty or the actual toilet in the bathroom). I started by just giving her accolades for trying or going, which was getting me nowhere. Since then, I have bribed her with candy, Oreo’s, I bought a Sesame Street potty chart with stickers, I leave her completely nude on the bottom half of her body... nothing works. And naturally the harder she makes it, the more frustrated I get, the more frustrated she gets, and the vicious cycle of failure starts all over. I am trying to stay optimistic and push ahead, but I am losing steam.

Along with potty training, I have tried to keep somewhat of a (very loose) schedule for us. I find that keeping a schedule during this time is how we retain a certain level of sanity. We get up, have breakfast/ coffee, I let her watch a show while she eats, then we go play in the playroom. I must admit, I am not much of a “player mom”. Gosh, that feels good to say aloud! 😊 That’s right, I don’t really “play”, it’s just never been my thing. In fact, I so admire the moms that get on the floor and play with the blocks or the dolls, you ladies are awesome! That’s just never been me, so you can imagine how long these days have become for us. That said, I will set her up and start her out with bigger things, like playdoh, or finger painting (you better believe I don’t walk away from any painting situation), or coloring, but I really try to encourage her to independently play with her toys. It’s super cute and fun to see what she comes up with. She’ll play with her kitchen, and she’ll make food and try and give it to our dog, or she’ll get out a puzzle and try to put it together on her own, or gets out her doctor kit and gives the dog checkups, etc. Our dog Gus is such a good sport too. I have always given her this time to get her creative juices flowing. After time in the playroom, we then go make our beds (she helps me), we’ll put in laundry, and we finally get ready for the day. That’s right, around 11am or so, we slip out of our pj’s and enter the world of leggings and a sweatshirt... maybe a sweater if I’m feeling extra sassy that day. I don’t bother with makeup or doing my hair, but I do get dressed everyday which I think is key to not feeling like such a slob kabob. At least for me it is 😊. After taking care of our cleaning and grooming, we then move to doing a bigger type of craft, like finger paint, watercolor or baking; but if it’s nice we’ll go for a walk instead. Walks have been a huge saving grace during this time. I think like all moms, we are so used to getting out of the house with our kiddos during the day. They need it, we need it, everyone can use a change of scenery. Under normal circumstances, I would take Wynter with me to the grocery store, Target, Homegoods, go to the library, set up a playdate; but since we aren’t doing any of that right now, getting outside for a walk is quite literally the breath of fresh air that we need. If the weather isn't good we just do something inside, like baking (which has been really good for my #summerbod) or we crank the music and have our own dance party. I don't have a magic closet of crafts unfortunately, so we do things we either have around the house already or fun things that require no gadgets at all. Afterwards, we make lunch, eat, and then it’s books and nap time. Wynter has always been an afternoon napper and luckily, I still get a solid two hours out of her. While she’s napping, I usually tidy up around the house, flip out laundry, do work on my computer or just sit down and stare at my phone for 40 minutes, because these days are long and damn I deserve it! When Wyn wakes up, generally I’m just done “planning”, so I allow her to pick a movie on Disney+ (our new best friend) and I pour a glass of wine and wait for Nathan to come home. I swear I have seen the Lion King more times than I would even like to admit in the last few weeks. We’re talking, I can recite all the songs! Nathan coming home is truly the best part of our day. I think both of us are just so tired of seeing only each other, that by the time he gets in the door we are ecstatic to see a new face!

Bottom line, this time is hard. It’s hard on everyone in this country and we are all doing our very best to cope with the hand we’re being dealt. For any parent that might be reading this, I hope you realize you’re doing just fine. Things don’t have to be perfect, (did you read what I do all day? 😊) you just need to make the best of it. Clearly, I love blogs, and I read a lot of different blogs and see a lot of social media and I think it’s easy to get swept into these accounts that make parenting look easy right now. Girls that have the best crafts for their kids, or the best home school set up, girls that are wearing jeans at home (LOL); it can be easy to go down the rabbit hole of thinking you should be doing more. Take it from someone who didn’t allow much screen time for their child, to now watching full length films; if you’re doing your best, that’s all you can do. Remember that the days aren't perfect, but there are perfect moments.

After all, this too shall pass and before you know it, we’ll be back to spending hours perusing the aisles of Target, loading our carts with unnecessary items, all with a Starbucks in hand. Ahhh the days!

Scroll below to see our “imperfect” perfect quarantine life, enjoy 😊

Lazy mornings. Don't judge my Christmas sheets!

Lots of Zoom parties

Chilly but so happy we got out on the water one day

My AM best friend

And my PM best friend :)

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